I promised Marie I’d buy No More Nice Girls by Ellen Willis the next time I bought books, since at this pt everyone’s read it but me , but it’s $14.99 at Emily Books and my entire book allowance today was $15—so, next time. Instead, I got the David Wojnarowicz bio, which was only $1.99 today, Patrick O’ Brian’s Master and Commander for $1.99, b/c I was seduced by Jo Walton’s enthusiasm (she’s really getting me back into reading the sort of adventure stories/hard SF I liked as a kid), critically acclaimed literary horror by Justin Evans, and a sci fi anthology for 99 cents.

Of COURSE, using D’s account led to all sorts of bullshit, since b/c she didn’t keep track of our spending (and I had no way to see if orders processed or not on HER account) she ran an overdraft, and now I have to lend her money to make up for it, and so probably I won’t be able to take advantage of the cardigan sales at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Rainbow Shops that I was eying before they’re over, and won’t be able to start saving for bills and rent as early as I’d like. Today I bought a PayPower card, as I should have in the first place, and I’ll keep buying them until I get my own bank account.