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Hey there—looking for (current or former) sex working parents to write a few hundred words in response to a Dear Tits and Sass query concerning parenting. The more the merrier! Contact me privately through e-mail (

Finally taking up Just Kids again as my going-to-clinic dead tree book (since they don’t let me bring my Kindle anymore) and all I can think about is what awful slummers Smith and Mapplethorpe were. 




in other news my mom also just told me that shaving my pubes will increase the chance of getting an STD !! lol lmao

…is this true? Someone tell me

I know anal sex increase the risk the must.

Shaving only increases it because it opens up pores…

Omg Tilz this is all I could think about during yesterday’s call, picturing micro-abrasions and HPV crawling through them. Thanks!




OK Soda was a soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1993 that aggressively courted the Generation X demographic with unusual advertising tactics, including endorsements and even outright negative publicity. It did not sell well in select test markets and was officially declared out of production in 1995 before reaching nation-wide distribution. The drink’s slogan was “Things are going to be OK.”

I would drink this

Charles Burns illustrations on a soda can? How did I miss this growing up?!

Oh man, I remember this. When I was 12 and before I realized commodification wasn’t cool. I was so disappointed that it turned out to be this very mediocre orange drink.

Yet another installment of Ms Harm Reduction’s column. 

Sniffling Isn’t Cute y’Know

Prose & Loreis a literary journal published by the New York sex workers’ rights organization Red Umbrella Project. Memoir stories about sex work are collected in two issues per year (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer). We at Tits and Sass have been following Prose and Lore since the journal began, and the fourth issue is even more fantastic than those that preceded it. Prose & Lore Issue 4 features 20 original, true stories about experiences in the sex trades, written by sex workers who were supported in writing their stories through Red Umbrella Project’s peer-led writing workshops in NYC and by mentor editors who worked with folks from outside of NYC.  Contributors include new writers we have our eye on like Ava Talley and Leigh Alanna, our very own Tits and Sass co-editor Caty Simon and longtime Tits and Sass contributors Lori Adorable and Elle Stranger, Tits and Sass interview subject and harm reduction pioneer L. Synn Stern, and veteran Desiree Alliance activist Cris Sardina. Issue 4 came out  on July 15th - order ebook or print copies directly through RedUP or enter to win one of five free copies on Goodreads. Interested in writing for the next issue? Details will be posted on this page and RedUP’s tumblr.

Here we feature an excerpt of the journal, the piece “Got Milk?” by Janet, about her experience working as a pregnancy fetish and lactation fetish provider during and after her pregnancy. Janet’s wry humor and honesty about finding a way to make bank as a single mom student escort who was terrified that getting knocked up would leave her unemployed had us cracking up through just about every paragraph.  Janet was born and raised in New Jersey and has been a sex worker for 18 years, half her life. She started dancing at lock doors and strip clubs, but after getting tired of the dancing scene, she went on to work at various services as an escort in New York City and Northern New Jersey. She has traveled and worked escort services up and down the East Coast. She is currently working as an independent escort wherever it tickles her fancy.

The first time I saw this on Tess’ tumblr I was like, “No, I am not reblogging this and letting the perpetual creepy severed teeth theme get even more of a foothold in my life,” but I think now I’ve given up.

The first time I saw this on Tess’ tumblr I was like, “No, I am not reblogging this and letting the perpetual creepy severed teeth theme get even more of a foothold in my life,” but I think now I’ve given up.

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omg so the idea that there are guys out there who are into poz’ing really makes me uneasy like why would you willingly want to get hiv? more importantly why willingly “infect” someone? that’s so wild to me like I can’t even process it

I’ve read…

It’s Tim Dean’s _Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections On The Subculture of Barebacking_. I haven’t finished it yet but I should be going back to it shortly (it’s difficult for me to read books on PDF for some reason—in this case the problem is a tiny typeset I can’t change)—without either condoning or condemning it, it explores the culture of barebacking among cis gay (mostly white) men in a really nuanced and interesting way. Samuel R Delany is a huge fan of the book, to give you an idea of the sort of thinking behind it.

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Spoilers for this week’s True Blood

I cannot believe that Eric would be so heartless about giving a vampire oriented sex worker an employment curtailing STD. She even says, “This is what I do for a living…I’ll lose my job.” I find it difficult to believe that this universe couldn’t have blood bags set aside for this problem, esp on a private jet, fer gods’ sakes. There’s just no reason for him to be slurping on someone’s femoral artery and infecting them besides the added edge. It also furthers the myth that people with STIs go about selfishly spreading them. And Eric is cruel in a very specific, unhaphhazard manner which I don’t think these new show runners get—he doesn’t go around dumping on marginalized groups, he’s just very opportunistic and unlikely to respect authority. Look at how he found Pam—he’s not the type to let injustice against the weak slide, and certainly not the sort to perpetuate it himself. Sick of this show’s assassination of its characters.



LUG jokes are so dumb like

1. have you considered maybe that bisexuality exists

2. wow, i wonder why… women… feel safer and more secure in dating/expressing attraction/loving other women on college campuses… a place where their family and…

Shit, I’m ashamed to say I never thought about this easily deconstructable notion. I guess, having gone to Bryn Mawr and internalizing that culture’s negative ideas about itself, I swallowed the whole thing readily as the macro manifestation of the phenomenon of fellow queer women always eventually choosing men over me during my teens. (Huh, and now I sound like a Nice Guy.)

Wow, “Cannibal” really is the perfect song to listen to when getting ready for a call/for parasitically feeding off the lusts of the bourgeoise.

Why is she gonna see him next Tuesday? Are they in book club together?

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Recent snapsterpiece theater

Anonymous said: Would it be like a waste of an escorts time to just like, take her on a nice lesbian date where we get dressed up and we just go to a nice restaurant and eat and I just bitch about stuff for a while and then go home? Like I'm asexual, so I'm not into anything else, I just want a pretty girl to agree that my boss is a dick. Is that something I can hire an escort for?


That would be the best possible use of an escort’s time I can promise you that.

As long as you are not a monologue-ing blowhard, I’d LOVE a session like this



like… we have different makeup standards than most people in most jobs. when we say “lasting lip color” we mean through messy blowjobs. foundation that stays… through ridiculous sweating, not always ours. eyeliner that won’t run no matter how much your eyes water. and…

I think I’m gonna do it, possibly as part of/merged with a “budget fashion” and/or “hooker fashion” blog?? (like, i know i can’t be THE ONLY ONE who buys tons of cheap underwear to wear, like, four times, or a few not-my-style dresses for outcalls, etc) and like label what price range stuff is in, resources, etc…

idk this could be a thing. marginalutilite is the first person to come to mind re: clothes, tbh, anyone else?

Oh, wow, so honored to be considered, considering how rudimentary my femme is. I could do a “how to get a beginner’s wardrobe to be a lower middle class escort in the boonies,” sure. Maybe you could teach me to do makeup, finally—in my 12 years hooking I’ve only ever worn water proof mascara, light eyeshadow, and Chapstick or lipgloss. I was a grunge andro queer girl for years before I started working, and only realized I enjoyed doing femme when I started playing around with work drag, so I never really learned how to do advanced makeup. Anyway, I’d also need to enlist other people for tips on higher end escort/domme wear— leighalanna, maybe? My work outfits never contain any items that cost more than $20, so….